Azhar Ariff, Managing Photographer
Azhar Ariff
Managing Photographer

Azhar is an Architecture graduate by training. Prior to being a photographer, he has worked as an Art Director for a web development and a publishing company. After leaving his position as an Art Director, he assisted the late freelance commercial photographer, Adam Ariel Tunguia, who was also his photography mentor for a year. Azhar went on to become a photographer after a year of assisting. Azhar's strength is in lighting and food photography. With his knowledge, skill and experience in lighting technique, he is able to deliver stunning photographs in the worst physical condition.
Azhar has a strong grasp of the corporate world and currently holds a certificate in Project Management. During his free time, he also likes to play golf, swimming and playing the bass guitar in a band.
Razali@Bob Hassan
Associate Partner, Studio Manager & Photographer

Razali is a Sound Engineer and Graphic Designer by profession. His passion towards photography has lead him to become a professional photographer today. He is a self- taught photographer and knew Azhar during the early days. They both took turns assisting each other in their individual assignments, became close friends and in the end turned out to be business partners. Razali
's strength is in event and commercial photography, specifically fashion. He has shot several published assignments which includes feature article in major newspapers, billboard ads, and editorial sheets in international magazines.
Bob@Razali Hassan
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Azhar Ariff, Managing Photographer

Mohammad Faizal bin Bahrudin
Associate Photographer (Fashion & Beauty)

Faizal started his career as a studio assistant when he was first introduced to photography by his uncle. Twelve years later and countless experiences working in the studio, he made himself known to the industry as one of the most well known fashion, beauty and commercial photographer in Malaysia. He has vast experience in studio and outdoor photography with extensive knowledge in photography equipment and processing. His passion and expertise in photography is beyond capturing an image, it involves looking at the soul and heart of his subjects. Faizal finds inspiration in his subjects using his unique talent, interpreting ideas into images that not only work but personal to each client. He had travelled to Hong Kong, Australia, Budapest and many more internationally in demand of his skills and knowledge in photography.

Check out Faizal's fashion and beauty work here.

Chan Leong Hin Associate Photographer

Chan carries over 10 years in photography experience. He started shooting from colour negatives to slides to digital. Chan's strength is in shooting Travel, Tourism and Culture Stock Photos. His work has been published in guidebooks and Tourism Malaysia's leaflets. He also enjoys photographing weddings and events.

Chan Leong Hin's stock photos
Check out Chan's extraordinary Travel, Tourism and Culture work here.
Hatizal Ab llah Associate Photographer

Hatizal is meticulous in his work. His specialty is in studio work and on-location commercial shoot. Hatizal is highly adaptive to environment and will make things work.
Zainuddin Zainal Abidin
Associate Photographer

Zainuddin's specialty is in photographing weddings and events. Over the course of his career, he has shot more than 50 weddings a year.